Determining how much a company is worth is a crucial part of any merger or acquisition, for buyer and seller alike. As specialists in this field, we’ll be happy to help you calculate this valuation and work out how to increase it.

Company valuation

At the start of the purchasing/selling process, you’ll receive a clear and up-to-date indication of how much your business is worth. We perform this calculation based on the most accessible means, such as the discounted cashflow method, so you can be certain you’re not paying too much or receiving too little. A company valuation is also interesting if you’re not planning to sell yet but simply want to know approximately how much your business is worth. A good valuation doesn’t equate to the actual price, however, as this depends on several factors. With more than 25 years’ experience of transactions, Marktlink has an excellent feel for the market valuation of what your company is worth.

Use m-ready to discover approximately what your business is worth, and find out how to optimise and maximise this value.

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Company sale valuation

Company valuations often check whether your revenue expectations are in line with how the market values your business. With all the available company data at your disposal, you can easily perform an indicative calculation yourself using the Marktlink Multiple, and we can enhance this calculation with up-to-date information from the sector. And if you’re seriously considering selling, we’ll be happy to help you expand this Marktlink Multiple further, to give you an optimised valuation of your business and provide an even better indication of its market value.

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Company purchase valuation

If you’re interested in buying (a stake in) a business, you may already have a particular company in mind. And if you don’t yet have your eye on any specific business, we’ll be happy to help you look for and approach potentially interesting options. If initial discussions go positively and there’s an opportunity to make an offer, it’s essential to have an expert valuation.

The most important elements in determining the value for a purchase are the company forecasts and your financing options (own resources / bank / investors) as a buyer. We can analyse the potential scenario to make prospective entrepreneurs more comfortable when making an offer. This analysis offers insights into how cash flows can develop if the company performs better or worse than forecast.

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Valuation by the leading M&A specialist

We’ll be happy to support and guide you through an optimised valuation when purchasing or selling a business. The Marktlink Multiple is completed over 40,000 times a year and has already helped us conclude more than 100 deals. As a result, you can count on reliable, expert advice from our M&A specialists. Contact us to find out more about your options.


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