Acquiring a business? Why? Is the organic growth of your company not happening quite as fast as you’d like? Are you an experienced manager with a deep-rooted wish to become an entrepreneur with a company of your own? Whatever your reason for acquiring a business is, Marktlink is your international M&A partner to get that deal done.

There could be several reasons for wanting to acquire a company. For example:

  1. You’re considering buying a competitor’s business
  2. You’re a manager looking to fulfil your entrepreneurial dream
  3. The owner of your company has asked you to become a shareholder
  4. You’re looking for companies to actively invest your wealth and knowledge in

Acquiring a company?

Which field is your target company operating in? What kind of organisational structure does the company have? Which factors play a role in the field of the company? What type of company culture fits your managerial style best? All of these questions form the base of your search profile, which is needed in the process of acquiring a company.

The buy-and-build strategy

Companies need to grow, and growth can be realised in several manners. One way is by means of the acquisition of similar or adjacent companies. By creating scale through acquisitions a company can serve its target market better, can branch out into adjacent fields or otherwise profit from increased synergies. We call this acquisition strategy: the buy-and-build strategy. When this strategy fits your entrepreneurial vision and company best we will be your partner during this long-term project. Along with your dedicated deal team, you will start the hunt for the best companies and the best (financial) partner during all of this. 

A successful acquisition process

Alongside you, we will put in the best effort to make a successful acquisition process happen. With over 25 years’ experience and hundreds of completed transactions, we know all of the nooks and crannies of the M&A world. No mountain is too high and we know we will always be able to find a way.

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