Supplier of educational and exclusive laboratory equipment




10 - 50

< 5 mln



The company was established over 90 years ago and is a household name in Europe in the field of educational institutions and laboratories. The company focuses on selling laboratory and educational accessories.

Business activities

The company specialises in exclusive laboratory equipment and has been an established name in various sales channels for many years. Thanks to its exclusive distribution rights, the company has also gained a strong position in the medical market.

The company has its own training centre, providing additional added value for its customers. 

Investment considerations

  • Complete range of exclusive brands of laboratory equipment, with exclusive distribution rights 
  • Its own unique training centre 
  • A way in with renowned customers, up-sell opportunities for strategic parties
  • Significant profit margins
  • Lean-and-mean internal organisation
  • Great growth potential in different markets
  • Diversified customer base

Transaction rationale

The family business has grown into a mature and respected company over the past 90 years. The shareholders have enjoyed running the company since the early 1990s, however, the time has now come to look for succession. There is none within the family. 

The entrepreneurs are open to remaining actively involved for an extended period after the transaction, with or without an equity stake (depending on the Buyer).

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