Staffing agency with an entrepreneurial business model seeks a partner to continue growth and further professionalise and structure its business


Business Services


100 - 500

10 - 20 mln



Because of its entrepreneurial business model, this staffing agency is a true platform company in the staffing market. It operates throughout the country and in various sectors, such as heavy industry, construction, engineering, facility management and logistics, as well as back office. The staffing agency focuses on Dutch workers or workers with an immigration background who intend to stay in or move to the Netherlands for a long period of time. Due to its entrepreneurial characteristics, the company is able to realise above-market gross margins.

Transaction rationale

Because of the significant growth in recent years, the company will soon enter another phase where the emphasis shifts from pioneering and building to structuring and managing. The current shareholder is therefore looking for a partner that has already gone through these growth phases and can actively support the company in order to maintain the growth and realise possible growth opportunities.

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