Stably growing temporary staffing agency for sale




1 - 10

10 - 20 mln


An experienced full-service staffing agency, placing skilled workers from various countries. The agency offers great synergy potential for a buyer.

Business activities

A regionally strong player in the temporary staffing industry, active in several niche markets. These are highly attractive markets with a good outlook for the short, medium and long term. In these markets, structural shortages of skilled workers is, and will continue to be, a relevant issue.

The business employs around 200 temporary workers, mainly from Romania and Poland. It has little to no self-employed workers in its workforce. 

Housing accommodation for workers is partly owned by the company’s owners and partly leased through third parties. 

Investment considerations

Several reasons why this company is of interest to a buyer:

– Solid market position in a clear niche

– Good outlook

– Excellent customer relationships

– Strong internal team to ensure continuity. Limited dependence on current owner

Transaction rationale

The owner has reached an age where he wishes to spend his time on other activities. He has taken on a different operational role in recent years, reducing the company’s dependence on himself. The owner would like to continue in a role to be determined after the transaction, if desired by a buyer.

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