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Plastic packaging manufacturing company is looking for strategic expansion


The entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is currently active in the plastics industry, with six businesses. Within a few years, the company developed into a leading player with an international footprint. The entrepreneur’s ambition is to realise strategic expansion as an investor and entrepreneur, by means of durable growth and acquisitions.

Added value

  • Entrepreneurial, strong in development and implementation of new concepts, while safeguarding the businesses’ continuity.
  • Realising synergy benefits by sharing capacity, specialist expertise and expanding the sales market.
  • Commercial and relationship minded, with a large network in the industry as a result.
  • Financially robust player, prepared to invest to drive long-term growth.

Acquisition process

  • Great deal of experience in acquiring adjacent businesses.
  • The lead time from offer to transfer at a civil notary is two months.
  • The entrepreneur is willing to consider alternative deal structures the deal creatively.
  • If desired, the real estate can be included in the transaction.

Transaction rationale

In addition to organic growth, the business accelerates growth by its initiated buy-and-build strategy. It is therefore looking for businesses offering synergy benefits that increase the striking power and competitiveness of the group as a whole.

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