Marktlink Fusies & Overnames

Leader in designing and production of smart access controls looking for acquisitions to increase turnover and market share


INT 01

Company Characteristics

  • The company is located in the north of Italy and is leader in designing and production of hardware components, as lock systems, structural supports and sliding systems, for doors, shutters and windows.
  • The company provides with its equipment both domestic and commercial end-users from over 100 countries world-wide.
  • Over 300 employees work in the company


Acquisition criteria

Targets industry:

  • Electronic systems for home & building automation;
  • Smart access controls, keyless security and digital locking cylinders;
  • Automations for sliding doors and gates.

Target details:

  • Turnover: €10 million up to €30 million, with a positive EBITDA.
  • Strong management in place to stay.

Transaction value:

  • Acquisition of majority up to 100% of shares.
  • Equity Value up to €30 million.

Geographic area

  • Primarily Europe
  • Secondary USA

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