Marktlink Fusies & Overnames

Investment opportunity: One of Europe’s industry leading online sports retailers in a niche market


Over 5.000.000


General information

  • The Company is marketing defining webshop in a growing niche;
  • With a strongly diversified portfolio of products, the Company offers exceptional quality gear for both low and high budget customers;
  • The Company has a huge customer database with a worldwide potential;
  • The Company has a value-adding marketing strategy for both its suppliers and customers;
  • Outstanding customer satisfaction, high average reviews

Investment considerations

  • Outstanding e-commerce platform;
  • Highly respectable online performance ratios;
  • Multi-language domain names;
  • One of the world’s best-performing resellers for several (A-)brands;
  • Significant ROI on online marketing investments;
  • High potential to become one of the world’s online market leaders in its niche;
  • Growing (e-commerce) market.

Sales rationale

The founders have established a strong-bodied webshop with a considerable turnover. Now is the right time to further accelerate the on-going growth, resulting in an investment opportunity for 4 types of buyer groups.

  1. Omnichannel sports retailers aiming to upgrade their online focus and reach
  2. Online retail specialists aiming to add a niche market-focusing webshop to its portfolio
  3. Retail specialists aiming to diversify their focus with complementary products
  4. Private equity firms with participations in adjacent companies


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