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Fast growing producer of aluminium solutions is looking for a partner

Industry & Production

The Netherlands

10 - 50 employees


Transaction rationale

The company pioneered the market for aluminium solutions within its sector. As a result, the company has seen considerable growth in recent years and has become the market leader in Europe. The product that the company provides is still gaining popularity, also in new markets in which the company just entered. The shareholders have transferred most of their responsibilities to other staff members and have taken on less demanding roles. Consequently, the company has built-up a strong second-management layer who can ensure business continuity. The time has come for the current owners to sell their shares to a new partner that exploits, together with the management team, these growth opportunities.


  • The company provides full-service solutions for B2B customers. Its excellent sales staff has a full customer focus, and the company can ensure quick delivery due to quick customer response times, high stock levels and state-of the-art machinery. It can compactly pack the final product for the end-user which includes detailed installation guides. In cooperation with its logistics partners, the company can ensure 24-hour delivery within a 600 km range.
  • The company has a strong online presence with its online order portal, which allows customers to quickly order aluminium solutions in the desired specifications.

Organisation and location

  • 30 – 50 employees.
  • Based in the Netherlands.
  • The company has a strong second-management layer.

Investment considerations

01   Scalable: the business model is scalable without significant investments.
02   High EBITDA margins: the EBITDA margin averaged approximately 25% in the last four years.
03   Customer focus: exceptional sales staff and high stock levels can ensure fast delivery.
04   Strong second-management layer: that ensures business continuity and is willing to participate.
05   Online order portal: customers can easily place orders on the extensive B2B order portal.
06   High barriers of entry: large start-up costs pose serious entry barriers for new entrants.
07   Extensive customer base: the company has a large amount of customers in various sectors.
08   Growth market: the aluminium solutions are in the early phase of its product life cycle.
09   Advantages of aluminium: aluminium offers many advantages over traditional materials.

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