Authorised wholesaler of automotive parts




10 - 50

5 - 10 mln



The company for sale is a 50-year-old trading company, specialising in unburdening the professional end-user in the field of automotive parts and related products. From its own warehouse with many growth opportunities, it serves both national and international business-to-business customers; these customers generate 55% and 45% of its turnover respectively. The company supplies original factory parts as well as a wide range of products from the company’s own label. The company expects to grow in the coming years thanks to its ability to significantly expand its product range, as well as its long-standing history and loyal customer base.

Investment considerations

1. Growth potential: the company serves an automotive group; several prominent car brands are not yet explored in the company’s range. These are immediate opportunities for the company to tap into new markets and create scale.

2. Unique proposition with an established name in a niche industry: the company is a one-stop-shop because of its complete product range of over 2 million different car parts from various leading car brands. 

3. Loyal and diversified international customer base: due to its extensive product range, solid product availability and reliable service, the company has built a loyal customer base since its establishment, with the top 10 customers accounting for less than 30% of total sales.

Transaction rationale

After years of dedication, the shareholders intend to transfer the company to a new party that can further expand the business. The shareholders have indicated that they are open for a period, to be determined later, to shape potential growth opportunities with the right buyer or ensure a proper transfer of the company. The type of buyer will determine whether the shareholders stay on during a transfer period.

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