Distributor of laboratory instruments


Pharma, Healthcare & Life Sciences


1 - 10

< 5 mln



Business activities

The company is a distributor of autoclaves, freeze dryers, thermal systems, cleaning and disinfection systems and water treatment systems mainly used in research laboratories. The company is an exclusive distributor of one brand but also offers products from other suppliers. It is not only a distributor but also provides pre-sales advice as well as a wide range of services, such as maintenance and repair, calibration, installation and modification of the products sold. The company is known for its high-quality and customisable instruments.

Investment considerations

  1. Sales and marketing opportunities: The company currently does not actively invest in sales and marketing. In fact, most customers contact the company due to good word-of-mouth. So far, no employee has been responsible for sales or marketing. However, this is a significant opportunity to boost product sales and generate more revenue by increasing product awareness and actively approaching customers. Furthermore, cross-selling opportunities are available, should the buyer hire additional workforce.
  2. Distributor of exclusive brand: The company is an exclusive distributor of laboratory instruments manufactured by the minority shareholder. These instruments can be bought by the company at manufacturing prices and be resold at their chosen prices. The user friendliness and uniqueness of these instruments create a loyal customer base and a customer lock-in effect, since it is not easy for the customer to switch brands.
  3. Growth-ready company: Currently, the company cannot meet the extra service demand of its customers due to a shortage of personnel. Implementing a successful recruitment strategy is therefore an excellent opportunity for potential buyers to increase revenue. In addition, the product range and offered services can easily be expanded, should additional personnel be recruited. The current office building occupied by the company has the capacity to at least accommodate double the number of employees.

Transaction rationale

After growing and optimising the company year after year, the current owner is approaching retirement age. He would like to hand over the business to a new director or business who can continue his success story. The owner prefers to remain involved in the company after a successful acquisition to ensure a proper transfer of sales and business knowledge.



It is important for the candidate to possess a thorough understanding of the company’s products, their functionalities, and applications, as well as the commercial skills necessary to effectively communicate the value of these products to customers, given the importance of technical knowledge for successful sales.


Private equity (PE) firms have expressed considerable interest in potentially collaborating with an MBI candidate for the acquisition of the company. The ideal MBI candidate should be open to exploring partnerships with these interested PE firms if necessary, as such collaborations can bring valuable expertise, financial resources, and strategic support to help drive the company’s growth and expansion.


The MBI candidate should be open to the possibility of growing the business through strategic acquisitions of similar companies that are also seeking succession. This approach can help consolidate the market, expand the company’s product portfolio and customer base, and create synergies within the organisation.

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