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Direct lending platform for business real estate is looking for investors



0 - 10 employees

About the company

  • Bufr is a company specialized in intermediate real estate financing. Its main activity is connecting investors to entrepreneurs or commercial real estate investors who are in need of financing.
  • Bufr was founded in 2021 by Robert van der Werf who is very experienced in real estate transactions and the development of new concepts.
  • Processes are backed by a proven online portal and CRM based on AFAS.
  • Funding is provided by individual investor on a case by case basis (starting from EUR 100k).
  • To accelerate growth, Bufr is looking for premium Bufr investors who are providing funding on-call in exchange for higher returns (7%-10%).

bufr. Financing process

  • Currently 120 finance request are being processed.
  • All finance requests are extensively checked as part of the screening process (KYC, solvability, liquidity, forecasted figures).
  • LTV is determined based on recent valuation reports.
  • Bufr has control over the mortgage (invoices, interest payments, repayments and 24/7 online monitoring) during the full mortgage duration.

Growth opportunities

The direct lending market is a growth market. The SME market faces the following problems with financing requests at traditional banks:

  • Tedious procedures and slow decision-making processes
  • Banks are not willing to lend <€ 1 mln.
  • Mandatory repayment schemes despite LTV (loan to value)

The combination of these developments fuel the direct lending market in which Bufr operates. The following growth developments are to be expected in this market:

  • $1,053 bln in private debt assets world wide by 2023
  • Private debt market to surpass 10% of all lending in NL by 2023
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