Key player in the energy transition in the energy balancing market – energy management software and overhauler of generators for load balancing


Business Services


10 - 50

5 - 10 mln


Business activities

The company was founded in 1999 as a consultancy business for energy issues. The company gradually expanded its activities in two directions.

The company’s first branch has developed a platform for a wide range of customers for the energy balancing markets. It licenses its software using a monthly subscription model. Moreover, it receives a margin based on an automated service on the platform to an energy company.

The company’s second branch overhauls generators used for load balancing on the energy grid. These generators are put to use efficiently to minimise environmental impact. These generators are important in the energy transition due to the emergence of renewable energy and the lack of stable energy sources to balance the energy grid.

Investment considerations

Growth of the energy imbalance market.

Own intellectual property.

Recurring turnover – software subcriptions and corrective and preventive maintenance contracts.

High EBITDA margins of >30%.

High barriers of entry.

Transaction rationale

Transaction rationale: the majority shareholder has been with the company since 1999. He believes the company and the market are ready for the next phase. He is looking to attract a partner or buyer that can help the company move forward to its next growth phase.


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