Michiel van Goor


About Michiel

Working hard and studying alongside. That is how Michiel started his career after finishing secondary school (pre-university education). He combined an auditing course at Nijenrode Business University with his first job as an auditor at Deloitte. After 5 years, he switched to KPMG and continued his studies in the evening hours at VU Amsterdam to follow a master in Business Administration (Strategy and Change). After 7 years of watching on the sidelines and consulting, he took the first step into the world of business. In recent years as CFO of NTT Netherlands, a global IT business. This way, Michiel developed into a CFO with a commercial and entrepreneurial drive, and a solid base in finance.

Michiel’s link met Marktlink

“10 years ago I set foot in Marktlink’s office in Deventer, an introduction / open job application to find out whether the M&A profession could be the next step after my auditing years at Deloitte. It was an intensive and interesting interview, but let’s say the time wasn’t right. Now I can be a part of Marktlink after all, and that is partly thanks to that interview all those years ago. Somehow, Marktlink stuck with me. To facilitate Marktlink’s growth in Europe, to build the brand and the broader Marktlink organisation, I will engage the knowledge and experience I gained, but also very much my drive and energy.”