Fast-growing market leading crypto service provider | Netherlands


Over 5.000.000


2021: Revenue € 50 million, EBITDA € 25 million
2022: Revenue € >100 million, EBITDA € >50 million

Country of domicile:

The proposition regards a fast-growing crypto trading platform for retail investors. The Company is a leading Dutch crypto service provider, that makes crypto accessible to the masses. The turnover model currently consists of trading-based fees.

With its cutting edge marketing strategy, its scalable characteristics, and ability to adapt to market trends, the Company reaches €50m turnover while realising €25m EBITDA in 2021. The firm invested significantly in marketing expenses to rapidly expand its customer base and gain market share in the segment of (new) crypto enthusiasts.

The workforce amounts to approximately 100 employees and the Company has invested substantially in important departments such as development in technology stack and architecture, compliance, and product design in order to quickly respond to new market opportunities and additional business models.

The management wishes to onboard a strong and experienced financial/strategic partner to further grow and scale the business by offering (a part of) its outstanding shares through a buy-out.

This opportunity is only applicable for parties with a proven track record in these type of businesses and which are able to invest equity tickets over € 50m.

Contact us for more information:

Jan Dijkmans – Partner, +31 630 394 540,
Bart Schouten – Senior Consultant, +31 613 100 810,
Sayed Deliri – Consultant, +31 612 541 042,

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