Dutch digital signage software development company is looking for a partner



10 - 50 medewerkers

1.000.000 - 2.500.000


Investment considerations

  1. Growth opportunities: in-sourcing marketing and sales and expanding product range.
  2. Committed management: the managing director is willing to stay on at the company.
  3. Recurring business: 80% have been a customer for more than one year.
  4. Margin growth: cutting distributors and dealers from the supply chain will increase margins.
  5. Strong product: constant development results in an inimitable software codebase.
  6. Loyal and experienced team: average age of 30, all committed to the company.
  7. Strong market prospects: expanding market with positive macroeconomic developments.
  8. Synergy opportunities: strong software foundation enables easy addition of new applications.
  9. Continuous development: products are continuously updated and expanded, free of charge.

Transaction rationale

Over the past years, the company has developed its own digital signage software with a very strong codebase. The company has realised substantial growth and is ready for the next step.

The codebase has some built-in applications which have not yet been launched; new applications can be built on this base. Furthermore, the company makes use of distributors and dealers for its sales and marketing. Excluding these from the supply chain would increase revenue by 40% (the current mark-up for these parties). These opportunities have not yet been exploited, because the company does not have the funds to do so and currently is not yet sales and marketing driven.

The company realised an EBITDA of approximately €436K in 2021. The company has four shareholders, one of which is still active as Managing Director. He aspires to stay on after the transaction and is open to participate in the business. The others wish to sell their shares.


Revenue is generated with the sale of licenses of two labels which offer access to two applications. The company has the following activitiesto generate revenue:

  • development of the software and new features;
  • assist the implementation and support.

Organisation and location

  • 10-20 employees;
  • based in the Netherlands;
  • skilled and enthusiastic team with an average age of 30;
  • committed management team that aspires to stay on board.
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