A strategic investor seeks growth opportunities in Access Automation, Car Parks and Access Control


Meer dan 5.000.000

INT 08

Company characteristics

  • The group designs, builds and markets the safest, most reliable solutions for Acces Automation(64%), Car Parks(21%) and Acces Control(15%).
  • The group has 16 production plants in 13 different countries all over the world but most of them in Europe.
  • In 2017 it had a consolidated turnover of €424 million, an EBITDA margin of 18%.
  • The group has 2300 employees.

Acquisition criteria

  • The group has a strong and committed acquisition mission. It is currently looking to acquire companies in all its 3 business units.
  • It is not a financial investor, but a strategic investor looking to create value with the acquired company through integration and common business culture.
  • Particularly, they want to grow in the ‘’Off-street parking” business: since off-street parking means parking anywhere but on the streets, usually in parking facilities, this business consists in managing those facilities.
  • Other activities related to this sector are parking areas-management software, marketing channels, access control, monitoring, report management, installations and more.
  • Up to €300 million turnover.

Geographic Areas

  • Europe
  • US (focus on access automation),
  • Latin Amerika
  • India
  • China (focus on access control, perimeter safety, gates control, people transport)


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