About Marktlink

Marktlink was founded in 1996 and has since earned a reputation as a leading independent M&A specialist for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Marktlink’s professionals assist entrepreneurs with mergers, acquisitions, valuating, financing, restructuring, succession issues, buy-outs (MBO) and buy-ins (MBI). We are active internationally with seven offices spread across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Since its inception in 1996, Marktlink has successfully completed hundreds of transactions, currently advising on more than 80 transactions per year. This has led to our team of professionals having extensive and broad expertise in the entire transaction process. Marktlink stands for ‘getting deals done’, proven by our track record and success rate of over 95%.

By using our proactive approach to M&A, Marktlink dealmakers are ahead of the process and deliver optimal results for our clients.

Fixed fee structure

The course and duration of an acquisition process can be unpredictable, at times surprising clients with additional fees. Marktlink has learned through experience that a fixed-fee structure offers optimal transparency for both parties, providing our clients with comfort during what can often be considered a tense process in your entrepreneurial life.


A unique characteristic of Marktlink is that we work independently, without affiliation to any accounting firms or banks. This enables us to always offer the best rates, terms and results in the marktet.

Full range of in-house expertise

Our growing team currently consists of 75 professionals in three countries with a wide range of skills and expertise: financial consultants, lawyers, accountants and business valuation specialists, all working together to represent our clients’ best interests. Our professionals meet regularly to share their knowledge and experiences and are encouraged to handle situations in a pragmatic and creative way. To ensure continuity, Marktlink assigns a ‘deal team’ of at least two professionals for the duration of every project.

Industry-wide deal experience

Marktlink provides its consultancy services across all industries and has successfully completed transactions in a wide range of industries, including construction, (wholesale and retail) trading, (business) services, outsourcing, IT, installation, and (graphic) media.

Marktlink is a member of a number of industry associations, including the DCFA (Dutch Corporate Finance Association), the NIRV (Dutch Institute for Register Valuators), and the NVP (Dutch Association for Private Equity Firms).